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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment For Men: What You Need To Know

Botox and other similar cosmetic neuromodulator treatments are becoming more popular to decrease and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment, which has been historically sought out primarily by women, is becoming increasingly popular among men as well. Men who are new to neuromodulators may wonder about the treatment differences and considerations when using Botox for men.

Hi, I am a Kamloops Naturopath, Dr. Kayla Ruschkowski, ND and I have experience treating both men and women with cosmetic neuromodulators such as botox. The procedure is quick, comfortable and safe for almost everyone when performed by a qualified injector.

The first thing to consider is dosage. Botox and other neuromodulators work by blocking the signal from nerves to muscles that cause wrinkle-causing muscle contractions. Men on average have more muscle mass and this also applies to facial muscles. Neuromodulator treatment is administered by first assessing the facial muscle contractions and determining a dose of product that will work. A higher dose of product is needed for men. While sometimes women see me for "Baby botox," or very low dose treatment, doing so for men would not create any results. The goal is to prevent and treat the formation of deep and fine lines while maintaining a natural look.

Men seeking Botox for the first time may wonder if the procedure creates a noticeable change to the facial appearance. While women often get a botox brow lift to create a feminine arch to the brows, this technique is typically not requested by men. Men may request to actually lower the arch of the brow which creates a more masculine appearance. In any case, the treatment is not intended to significantly change the appearance of facial features, but rather reduce very specific muscle contractions to prevent and treat wrinkles.

Statistics show that around 95% of people are pleased with their Botox results, and this applies to men as well. Another thing to consider is that there is nothing permanent about any cosmetic neuromodulator treatment. The effects will wear off in around 3 months, at which time re-treatment is recommended. Working with a qualified injector like me will allow you to get better results over time because each re-treatment offers the opportunity to optimize the treatment and get the exact results you are looking for.

Botox for Men with Kamloops Naturopath Doctor


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