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Top 5 Questions About Food Sensitivity Tests

How does the test work? Food sensitivity tests are typically accessed through a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. You will receive a requisition that you bring to LifeLabs, where they will perform the blood test.

Why get a food sensitivity test? Many of us have experienced unpleasant symptoms that we trace back to eating a food that doesn't agree with us. However, sometimes when we have daily or near daily symptoms it becomes difficult to identify which foods might be the problem. Food sensitivities begin in the digestive tract, but can create inflammation throughout the body and contribute to symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, low energy and skin conditions. Since food sensitivities can create symptoms up to 5 days after eating the food, testing for sensitivities allows you to avoid the guesswork and avoid lengthy elimination diets.

Is it an allergy test? No. Both allergies and sensitivities cause the immune system to create antibodies. There are different types of antibodies, including IgE and IgG. Food allergies create IgE antibodies and cause immediate symptoms. Food sensitivities create IgG antibodies and cause delayed symptoms.

Will I have to go on a restrictive diet? Diet and lifestyle recommendations are part of almost every naturopathic visit with me. When we have food sensitivity test results it helps guide recommendations geared towards your health goals. Typically patients are recommended to remove foods from their diet for 3 months. The number of foods to remove is dependent on test results, preferences, and goals.

Do food sensitivities change over time? Yes, food sensitivities change over time and can be reversed. Strategies to reverse food sensitivities include optimizing overall gut health, immune health, microbiome balance, and reducing inflammation.

These strategies have helped many patients of mine achieve their goals. Whether you want to reverse your known food sensitivities or want to go ahead with testing, book a free 15-minute introductory visit to discuss next steps!

Top 5 Questions About Food Sensitivity Tests with Kamloops Naturopath


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